Metal cabinets

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Storage system made of sheet meta in galvanized plasticised. 10 years anti-rust warranty
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One door metal cabinet made of galvanized plasticised sheet metal. Suitable for indoor / outdoor use.
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Metal cabinet with two doors compartment constructed in sheet galvanized plasticised. 10 years warranty agains ...
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Multipurpose cabinet with a sloping roof door with 4 shelves

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The metal cabinets are cabinets made of metal. Cabinets are versatile, which according to the uses can be used for internal or external use.

Depending on the type of use must be chosen then the materials. Outside the lockers are recommended zinc metal sheet plastic. This material offers excellent resistance to weathering and moisture in general than conventional cabinets painted sheet metal. The steel sheet is, in fact, galvanized and plastic coated for the outer side and the inner side completely galvanized. The cabinets in zinc sheet plastic so do not fear the weather, they are totally rustproof and are ideal for wet and cold.

The models of metal cabinets for internal most popular for the interior are enclosures in stainless steel. This material provides strength and durability and fulfills the requirements of HACCP where required, such as restaurants, businesses or hotel activities.

Depending on the capacity, you can also choose:

  • cabinets with a door
  • cabinets with two doors
  • cabinets multi-openings: provide for a minimum number of compartments equal to four. With the key lock is ideal for use in gyms, spas or in schools because they allow storing bags and other objects safely.

Another aspect to consider is the number of internal shelves, to be chosen according to the type and the number of objects to storing.

The storage cabinets offered by Holity are available in different materials and in different sizes. Visit also our section broom closets