Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is not made only by doctors, but also and especially true for upholstery, furniture and bathroom accessories. Objects that need to be chosen with care, as they must meet the standards of beauty and functionality, because the bathroom is above all a place to relax and 'bathroom decor is crucial.

In addition to health, the bathroom fittings are essential:

  • bathroom furniture - bathroom furniture inspired by classic or modern bathroom furniture
  • mirrors - which can be integrated into mobile or be hung
  • bathroom furniture accessories - such as towel rail, wall or floor, kitchen roll holder, portascopini, storage and hangers

The complete bathroom furniture consists of:

  • door furniture sink - the sink is integrated in this mobile. This is usually a closed cabinet with doors or glass doors. The doors are very useful to contain detergents, cosmetics or towels
  • columns - the most popular models are half closed with doors and half per day. The columns are used for storing towels parts
  • hanging - are typically located above the sink when the mirror is integrated in the bathroom cabinet. Are moved to one side when there is not the mirror
  • shelves to place objects
  • stools bathroom
  • carts - to store soiled clothing

Furnish in a harmonious way the bathroom is to choose not only the furniture, but also choose all the accessories that make it useful and functional.

Another key aspect is the 'lighting. If the ceiling is more than 3 meters high and the surface is less than 20 square meters, the suspended chandelier should hang at least 80 cm. In the case of standard ceilings, high ie more than 3 meters, the ideal slope is 50 cm.

On either side of the mirror of the bathroom is well placed wall, radiating a direct light and are useful to shave carefully and make-up.