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Foldable electric bike with pedal assistance. Ideal for urban spaces. It can be easily folded and placed in th ... Out of stock


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Pedal assisted electric bicycle with shimano 6 speed suspension fork and steel. Lithium battery. Out of stock


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Pedal assisted electric bike with shimano 7 speed, front and rear lights to LED with battery and lithium polym ... Out of stock

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How to choose an electric bicycle

The electric bicycle is a normal bicycle equipped with a small electric motor that makes pedaling less tiring. Presents all the characteristics of a regular bicycle with a lot of presence of pedals, taillights and saddle. But we must make a distinction between bicycle and electric bicycle with pedal assistance. The bike has a pedal assisted electric motor which comes into operation only qualìndo pedaling. This engine will shut off automatically when you stop pedaling, when you pull the brakes or when you reach 25 miles per hour. They do not have accelerators, buttons or levers to pull. In bike elettiche, instead, the motor and the pedal are independent. It can therefore also not cycling and use only the electric motor. In practice, this is a real scooter, treated the same and for this subject to mandatory helmet and insurance.

In order to be considered a pedal assisted electric bicycle, the bike should have an engine that does not exceed 250 watts and a speed not exceeding 25 km / h, statutory limit by the Highway Code.

A good electric bicycle must have these characteristics:

  • weight content
  • the battery should require little maintenance
  • autonomy