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Armchair with solid wood legs in natural oak and shell polymer

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How to choose a chair furniture

Until not long ago, tables and chairs were bought in tandem. Today, however, the choice of chairs and the table is a coordinated choice followed by very few people, since it leaves more room for 'creativity and imagination are the same.

Choose the right chair is not as simple as it seems.

In addition to having to comply with the right proportion with the table, we must consider the line that you want to give the dining room or kitchen. In this case, the choice must be between the contrast and continuity.

If you want to focus on the contrast, the chairs must differ from the table, scostandosene colors and / or materials. For example, a black table will be coordinated to the white chairs, while a wooden table may be accompanied to chairs polycarbonate. The fashion of the moment, however, is the combination of old and new, ancient and modern, a mix very popular among designers.

The line of continuity is instead a choice followed by many with little variation and secondments of style and color between the table and the wood.

In the fundamental choice is the comfort; the chair must have a tall backrest, so as to hold the shoulders and allow to rest the feet on the ground.

The same goes for the material and its function. In the kitchen, for example, priority must be given chairs in materials resistant and easily cleanable. Eye then the function and location first!