Tray trolleys

How to choose a mobile oven rack

The mobile oven rack for cooking equipment is essential in activities such as confectioneries, bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants and catering. Makes the job easier, and allows a better organization of work. For this reason, rack steel trolleys, carts and trolleys racks racks pastry bakeries, equipment are very popular.

In choosing the mobile oven rack is good to analyze the scope of trays that are needed. For small business, are also fine 8-carrying carts. As the numbers grow, is also increasing the capacity of racks that can also arrive at a flow rate of 36 trays.

Some truck racks carry an additional indication, the Gastronorm GN. This is a standardized European format for the use of standardized measures that facilitates both the exchange of containers that the treatment of food in professional kitchens. E 'was officially the first time November 17, 1964 by some Swiss associations of hoteliers. Despite debuts skeptics, Gastronorm (GN) is now globally recognized and used by the vast majority of providers and users of professional kitchens.

In the choice of rack trolleys must not forget the wheels. It 's always good to choose optional accessories such as wheels with brake, which facilitate the movement and handling of the same.

The best truck racks are made ​​of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a steel with a low carbon content and contains chromium in an amount equal to at least 10%. And 'the addition of chromium that gives the steel inoxidizability and the only properties of corrosion resistance.

The chromium content in the steel produces a film adherent, invisible and corrosion resistant coating the surface. If scratched or damaged, this film is self repairing. It 'resistant to corrosion, fire and heat. In addition to being hygienic, is aesthetically pleasing and has an optimal ratio weight / resistance, optimal in case of equipment for pastry and catering.

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