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Technical rice grain rug carpet 120x60

Technical rice grain rug carpet 120x60 h15808

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Technical rice grain rug carpet 120x60 indoor / outdoor pool. Function scratch dries. Italian product.

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Technical rice grain rug carpet 120x60 indoor / outdoor pool. Function scratch dries. Italian product.

Rug technical input to the modular structure closed in extruded aluminum cladding with high technical and quality combined with each other in type and color for maximum architectural integration without compromising the cleaning efficiency. Application areas: housing, shops, malls, hotels, communities, offices and industry.

  • EFFECTIVE against any kind of dirt thanks to the specific material coatings, combined with each other
  • BATHROOM, does not allow formation of deposits of dirt below thanks to its closed structure. Cleanable with normal equipment and without the need of lifting
  • RUGGED, extremely stable structure for hinged elements. In version 20 mm withstands heavy loads concentrated on small wheels such as shopping carts or for general transport, including the crossing with car or truck (guaranteed up to 20 Q.li).
  • DURABLE, thanks to the choice of materials of high characteristics.
  • SAFE crossing for every need, with stilettos, cane or wheelchair
  • SILENT AND SUSPENSION VIBRATION version with dual 20 mm rubber profile under any customs
  • 10 mm for light applications (homes, offices or shops with limited passage)
  • 20 mm for heavy duty applications (high pass pedestrians, shopping carts)
  • carpeted in moss, elegant, clean and dry effectively, in 7 colors

  • Recessed aluminum frame
  • modular elements: natural extruded aluminum
  • Standard Frame: extruded aluminum, natural

carpet coatings grain of rice:

  • high denier polypropylene

  • the carpet does not need to be raised for cleaning (no mess below)
  • All covers can be cleaned with motion-industrial brushes floors, leaving the carpet in its recessed seat.
  • The pressure washer can be used while leaving vertical drain and dry before the relocation horizontal
  • In normal operating conditions you can refresh the color with normal trade products for synthetic carpet, even using steam cleaning appliances.

For the proposed model is the possibility of total customization of sizes, finishes and personalization through writings or logos. For more information send an email to [email protected]


    Additional Information

    Material aluminum, polypropylene
    Typology doormat
    punti di forza N/A
    Punti di forza N/A
    Height 1.5 cm
    Width 120 cm
    Depth 60 cm


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