Pizza ovens

In order to choose the pizza oven suitable for our needs is good to understand what we're talking about. The oven is a "box" isolated from the outside , where the heat , produced in several different ways , because a rise in temperature that cooks our food .

Depending on the source of heat can discern three types of oven: electric oven , where the heat comes from electrical resistors placed , generally , in the top and bottom gas oven, where the heat comes from a burner placed in the lower part ; wood oven that takes the heat from a wood fire lit inside.

Unlike the wood-burning oven for pizza electrical installation does not require a chimney , is small and therefore can be installed in smaller spaces . In addition, these pizza ovens can reach temperatures of 500 ° and give the possibility to cook 4 or more pizzas contemporaneamente. Il pizza oven can be a 1 room or 2 room, with the ability to cook different foods at different temperatures , thanks to thermometer independently for each room.

These ovens are also excellent for baking buns, wraps, sandwiches , snacks and , thanks to their ease of use and small size , they are ideal for use in traditional pizzerias and take-away , but there is also space in Snack bar , Pub, focaccia , piadinerie . Characteristics to be assessed before buying a pizza oven are : power , size , consumption , materials ( exterior, interior , doors) , ease of cleaning and maintenance, ability to cook different foods at the same time and at different temperatures (for models to 2 rooms)

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