Fireplace Accessories

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€254.12 Excl. Tax:
Wrought iron fireplace tool set consists of pliers, shovel, poker and broom

€195.94 Excl. Tax:
Comfortable and practical log holder made of wrought iron

€66.30 Excl. Tax:
Pair of andirons in wrought iron artisan Italian

€98.75 Excl. Tax:
Backplate for grid-iron fireplace Made in Italy

€151.72 Excl. Tax:
Pair of andirons in wrought iron finished with floral decoration

€264.81 Excl. Tax:
Fireguard folding in wrought iron with fine finishes

€258.70 Excl. Tax:
Rustic wood holder in wrought iron for a beautiful and functional

€116.00 Excl. Tax:
Tool service for fireplaces and furnaces: shovel to bake and cook, brush, pull embers and shovel coals in stee ...

€136.76 Excl. Tax:
Elegant fireplace tool set made of wrought iron handmade

€202.58 Excl. Tax:
Fender for fireplace in wrought iron width of 60 cm

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The fireplace as well as being a source of heating is a piece of furniture. Important is the choice of fireplace accessories, equipment for functionality and aesthetics of fireplaces, tools used to manage the heat and fire to avoid injury and maintain the right distances.
Holity offers a selection of accessories for fireplace elegant, refined and quality that enhance the beauty of your fireplace and make it more practical and functional.
It ranges from the spark arrester, stainless steel panels that protect from sparks produced by the fire, the wood door design, modern and appealing to the complete sets of equipment consisting of shovels, pokers, brushes, tongs and forks.