Panchina in metallo bicolore con schienale h14004

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Two-tone metal bench with backrest h14004

Two-tone metal bench with backrest h14004

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Two-tone metal bench with backrest available in two sizes. Made in Italy

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Two-tone metal bench with backrest available in two sizes. Produced in Italy.

This bench is a bench that stands out. His ambitious mix of colors can attract attention and at the same time harmonize with custom colors the environment that surrounds us, is able to break the monotony of the places with bright colors and unique blend or in modern contexts and futuristic. A new style which enhances the perceptual sensations of urban spaces, guests are comfortable and naturalness of the ergonomic seat gives relaxation and comfort, on the other hand is just what you would expect from a bench for urban design.


  • No. 02 supports a stylized form consisting of a double profile in galvanized sheet steel thickness 60/10 with decorative carving on the inner shape, each support plate is provided at the base in galvanized steel;
  • seat body made of No. 11 Profiles of tubular galvanized steel mm. ∅ 20 x 1.5 and n ° 01 of tubular galvanized steel mm. ∅ 40 x 1.5,
  • backrest shell made of No. 14 profiles of tubular galvanized steel mm. ∅ 20 x 1.5 and n ° 01 of tubular galvanized steel mm. ∅ 40 x 1.5, the profiles on the seat and back are welded on special shapes in galvanized steel, which gives the anatomical shape.


  • media plates have holes for anchoring to the ground by means of anchor bolts and anchors;
  • the bench is supplied in kit assembly, stainless steel hardware and installation instructions.

Anti-corrosion treatments and finishing:


  • before being painted, the building is pre-treated by a spray washing with special degreasing. After washing, the piece to be painted, is dried for 15 minutes in a dryer

Anti-corrosion treatment:
  • in order to impart suitable protection against atmospheric agents, the article is subjected to a first coating cycle using an anticorrosive primer in thermosetting powder based on epoxy resins with special pigments.
Before kitchen (anticorrosive):
  • the manufactured article treated with the anticorrosive primer is subjected to a first baking period of 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 °. In this phase the anticorrosive polymerizes, forming a coating thickness of about 60 microns.
  • , the product was subjected to a final cycle of thermosetting powder coating with polyester resin-based color "ruby red" RAL 3003 (external shapes) and "shiny aluminum" (internal shapes and shells). The coating is performed with electrostatic spray equipment, which allow the powder to settle evenly on the pieces, forming a minimum thickness of 60 microns.
Glaze firing:
  • the coated manufacture is subjected to a final baking in the oven for a period of 20 minutes at a temperature of 160 °.


  • total height 80 cm
  • width: available in 150 or 250 cm with respective weights of 66 and 76 kg
  • depth 60 cm
  • seat height 45 cm


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    warranty N/A
    Height 80 cm
    Material metal
    Depth 60 cm
    Typology with backrest
    punti di forza N/A
    Punti di forza N/A


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