Magnifying  5X mirror with LED light  in stainless steel

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Magnifying  5X mirror with LED light  in stainless steel

Magnifying 5X mirror with LED light in stainless steel h10737


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Magnifying mirror with LED light wall stainless steel polished chrome - 5 X Magnification factor


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h10737-Magnifying  5X mirror with LED light  in stainless steel


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Magnifying mirror wall complete with LED light. Allows a magnification of 5X.

Featuring a classic design and timeless, cosmetic mirror h10737 adapts to any style of bathroom, whether it be classical or modern, thanks to the beauty of its lines.


It installs on the wall and has a class 1 insulation. The devices in this class of insulation are devices in which the protection is based not only on the main, but also on an additional security measure consists of the connection of accessible conductive parts to a protective conductor (grounding protection) which belongs to the electric drive, marked by double yellow / green, in such a way that accessible conductive parts can not become live in the event of failure of the main insulation. It 'also has a degree of protection IP42, ie has a protection against solid objects larger than 1 mm and a protection from drops of water diverted to 15 °.



  • diameter 25 cm
  • height 12.3 cm
  • Class I
  • ip 21
  • EN 60825-1
  • 5X magnification factor
  • With LED light
  • Stainless steel


Additional Information

fixing wall
diameter 25 cm
Height 12,3 cm
shape round
Typology sided
punti di forza N/A
Punti di forza N/A
magnification 5x


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