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Cleaning Cart 30 l h17908

Cleaning Cart 30 l h17908

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Cleaning Cart with basic Rilsan. Capacity 48 liters in total. Lightweight and easy to move.

DELIVERY TIME 15-21 days

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Shopping with basic components and Rilsan, a polymer of plant origin and renewable, characterized by high performance. Has good mechanical strength even at low temperatures and does not absorb water.

  • And 'tensile, compressive and impact
  • And 'wear-resistant, even in dusty or harsh
  • And 'resistant to aging and low temperatures

The cart is equipped with:

  • Rilsan base with 4 wheels Ø 100 mm with thread guards and 4 bumpers Ø 120 mm with Ø 20 mm
  • column Rilsan
  • plastic bucket 9 lt fuchsia
  • plastic bucket 9 lt blue
  • frame 30 lt bucket holder
  • plastic bucket 15 lt fuchsia
  • plastic bucket lt 15 blue
  • wringer
  • bag holder side 120 lt with 3 clips bag holder
  • attack on the "i" to support lots lt 120
  • tray 270x450x70 mm
  • support pan 270x450 mm
  • grid sack
  • handle holder Ø 20 mm directional


  • size 111x67.5x112 cm (WxDxH)
  • weight 26.3 kg


Additional Information

Capacity 30 lt + 18 lt
Material abs
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Punti di forza N/A


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